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Throttle Lanyards

How many times have you gasped for air then let an "Oh No" (and I bet it wasn't an Oh No) as you watched you $150 throttle fall from your hand and crash into the solid concrete floor.

As you pick it up you begin praying that it is not damaged and wish you could prevent it happing agian.  

One of these days it is going to break.

Here is my simple solution to the problem.

The Throttle Lanyard.

Installation is simple.

First, remove the back of the throttle.  The back usually secured with for or six screws.

Place the lanyard attachment loop around on the screw post protrusion in the lower right corner (left corner if you're a southpaw).

Next, replace the throttle back making sure the lanyard is in place around the screw post protrusion and replace the screw.  

Use a light hand as you do not want to strip out the threads in the screw post protrusions.

It's that easy.

Now you have a way to easily protect your investment from accidental damage.


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