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Tsunami 7-Band Equalizer



The Tsunami’s built-in 7-band equalizer (EQ) will help you get great sound from any speaker. 

Some CV adjustments are obvious (e.g., cutting frequencies not within the speaker’s range), while others can be tuned to your personal preference. 


Since Lance did not specify the size of the speaker he is using, we will refer to our 35mm x 16mm speaker for this explanation. 

First, according to its specifications, the speaker is able to reproduce a frequency range from 250Hz to 13kHz, which is typical for small speakers.


To start using the EQ, set CV 153 (Equalizer Control) to 7 to enable the user-adjustable setting. 

Then adjust the values in CVs 154-160 (all defaulted to 128), which act as sliders to boost or cut the frequency range so you can maximize speaker performance. 

Values from 0 to 127 reduce the output from -12db to 0db, and values from 128 to 255 increase the output from 0dB to +12dB. 

CV 153 also allows you to enable preset cut/boost levels that are configured for various speaker sizes and types. 

For this example, we’re going to apply the user-adjustable setting so we can alter the sound to our personal preference.


CV 154 controls the 62Hz frequency band, which is too low for our 35mm x 16mm speaker to physically reproduce (its lowest frequency is 250Hz). 

So we’ll set this to 0 so the speaker will not cause any distortion. 

Likewise, CV 155 controls a frequency that is too low for our speaker (125Hz), so we’ll also set it to a value of 0. 

CV 156 controls the 250Hz frequency band, which is the starting threshold of the speaker’s capabilities. 

We can boost this a small amount, so set CV 156 to 175. 

The rest of the CVs (157-160) are in the speaker’s frequency in range as well, so boost these to adjust the sound to your preference. 

Try different settings and listen for what sounds best to you. 

Record your changes so you don’t forget the settings you liked. 


Adjusting these frequencies will help you get the most out of the speaker’s strengths and provide the ultimate tone control.


For more information regarding the EQ, refer to the Tsunami User’s Guides

Our “Sound Primer” also details the science behind sound and has tips for speaker installation. You can also watch our EQ demonstration video.


7-Band EQ CVs:

CV 153: Equalizer Control

CV 154: 62Hz

CV 155:125Hz

CV 156: 250Hz

CV 157: 500Hz

CV 158: 1kHz

CV 159: 2kHz

CV 160: 4kHz

This month, we have another example of the Econami’s what sets Econami apart from many of the higher priced decoders on the market today: the inclusion of the popular 7-band functioning equalizer, as was found on the Tsunami decoders.
The Equalizer (EQ) is a popular feature that allows the user to adjust the sound profile created by the decoder to match the strengths of the speaker chosen for the installation.  This feature helps a speaker reproduce better, clearer, and louder sounds without causing distortion or clipping, especially when a speaker tries to reproduce a physically impossible frequency.  The EQ can also be used to adjust the overall tone of the sound profile so that each loco using the same sound file(s) can sound different and have its own “personality!”
The CVs for the EQ have moved with the introduction of the 3rd generation CV roster in the Econami, so now CV 225 is the control CV (previously was CV153) and CVs 226-232 are the 7 bands of the Equalizer (previously were CVs 154-160). Go ahead and try it out to get that perfect setting or give us a call and we can offer some suggested values to get the most out of your model!

Originally published April 30, 2015 in Issue 25 of the SoundBits Customer Newsletter for SoundTraxx and Blackstone Models.
Issue 31 | April 13, 2016



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