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MRC 1530 Wi-Fi Module Setup


MRC Wi-Fi Module and Android Setup Information

From MRC-DCC Yahoo Group, Sat Feb 25, 2017

Posted by: Greg (frwgreg@...) 

I just got the MRC WIFI Module (0001530) from Train World. It works well. However,the usage information is minimum. Here is how I set up the module and use it with an Android tablet.

The WIFI Module has two (2) LED lights, a red one to show power is applied and a green one to show network activity. There is a small black button next to the LED lights. It is probably the Reset Button, discussed in the Configuration software. With other WIFI devices, normally, holding this button in and applying power, resets the device to the manufacturer&# 39;s defaults. I have
not be able to confirm this. Hopefully, either MRC or someone else can provide information on this button operation.

The Android tablet normal WIFI settings should automatically detect the new WIFI network, MRC Wi-Fi. Just use the Android Settings application to connect to MRC Wi-Fi. MRC Wi-Fi is an open network, initially, no password is needed to connect. The associated IP address for the Gateway(i.e. the WIFI router) is

If you are in an urban area, you may want to change the security setting from Open, to one requiring a password.

It is possible to configure the WIFI Module using its built in configuration software. One has to be connected to MRC Wi-Fi network To access the configuration software, one uses the normal tablet HTML Web Browser. One has to enter the Gateway address ( in the Browser Web Address. Normally, one would enter
www.someplace. com in the Browser. One needs to use the absolute numeric address.

If ones is connected to the MRC Wi-Fi network, the Browser should show:
a. Web Address of settings/ settings. html
b. A menu of Configuration options.

The Configuration software menu has the following options:

Module Settings, which controls module features and allows one to set a password to control who can make changes to settings.

Network Settings, which controls the device IP address, name, and allows the setting of password need to connect to network. There is no information on what the network security protocol is used.

Roster, which controls the saved Locomotive Roster, one can add a new locomotive or delete all locomotives on the Roster.

Help, this a simple one page of help giving the IP address and port used, and some other information. It would be nice if this was available as a PDF file, that could be down loaded for the MRC web site.

Last is the Reset All. This allows one to reset the device to manufacturer&# 39;s default configuration. It is not clear if one has forgotten the network or settings password, can one use this procedure if one can not connect to the device. The procedure does require the use of the black button next to the LED lights.

Engine Driver app is needed to control locomotives with Android devices. For Android devices, one needs to use a network that is connected to the Internet to allow Goggle Play application to download the JMRI "Engine Driver" application to allow the Android device to control a locomotive. After Engine Driver is installed, one has to connect the Android device to the MRC Wi-Fi network. One opens Engine Driver and is shown the Connection page, MRC Wi-Fi network should be shown. If MRCWI-Fi is shown, just click on it and you go the locomotive select page, which is easy to use. If MRCW-Fi is not shown, then one has to enter the IP address (192.168.7.) and the port number (12090) use for locomotive control. Once, Engine Driver is connected and a locomotive is selected, you are ready to go. Engine Driver has a lot preferences and one should look at them to optimize it for your use.

Here are two things, that may help if Engine Driver does not work correctly. The first is to make sure the Engine Driver Cab number is in the allowed range for Cab control of locomotives (SYS 9 command). The second is if a wired throttle Cab unit is connected, make sure the wired
unit is not set to same locomotive address that you want to control with wireless one.

The Engine Driver software can only control the locomotive. It does modify the values of locomotive Configuration Variables (CV). One has to use the normal wired throttle.

I hope the above is a help to other.

There is one item that maybe someone can help me with. The Wi-Fi Module is set to network channel 1. However, this is the default channel for almost all devices. It would be nice to change the network channel to something other than channel 1. This is not covered in the normal settings. What is the way to change the network channel value?

Enjoy Life, Greg
Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much



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