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ESU LokSound Manual Notching


Here is a demonstration of the newest feature that has been incorporated into the ESU decoder line, Manual Notching.  This is a really cool effect that allows you, the engineer, to control the RPM of the engine (sound effect) independent of the speed of the locomotive.  The effect is controlled by two function buttons from you throttle.


This feature is present in the out-of-production v3.5 decoder line and has been "re-introduced" in the v4.0 line.  All v4.0 decoders can be updated with the latest firmware to take advantage of this feature using the LokProgrammer.



ESU LokSound Manual Notching Demonstration


How to Set Up Manual Notching



Set up is very easy. 


Simply update the firmware of you v4.0 decoder using your LokProgrammer


Choose two functions you want to use to control notching.  I use 7 for Notch Down and 9 for Notch Up since they are directly above the manual speed control buttons on my MRC Prodigy throttles.


Using the LokProgrammer software, set Notch Up and Notch Down as the logic option for the respective function keys and de-select any other sound or light effects already associated with those functions. 


Then write the new configuration and sound file to the decoder.


Please reference the Manual Notching Quick-Start Guide on the ESU website for specific details about the feature.


Operating With Manual Notching


Operating your model trains has never been more fun.
With the locomotive sitting idle on the track, engage the Notch Up function.  The enginge sound will begin to speed up.  When you reach the desired Notch, disengage the function.
Now drive your your as you normally would using the speed control knob or buttons on your throttle.
You can notch the engine up or down as needed to supply more power to the traction motors or to conserve fuel based on track conditions and grade, tonnage, and speed.  Now you are truely the locomotive engineer.

You can also engage the Dynamic Brake function when you are working on steep grades.  The DB will activate when you reduce speed and stay activated until you disengage the function or speed up.


Having Fun With Manual Notching



Did you ever wish you could spool up the 16-710G3C-T2 prime mover in your SD70M to Notch 8 and then ease into the throttle to pull the slack out of that 6000 ton cut of Coalporters the yard crew just hung on your back? 


Did you ever wish you could spool down to Notch 1 and ride the Dynamic Brake down a grueling Rocky Mountain grade at 40 mph with that 6000 ton cut of Coalporters leaning into you the whole way down?


Now you can... And it's REALLY cool!


ESU Manual Notching Quick Start Guide

Here is a copy of the of Quick Start Guide that is available for download from the ESU website.

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