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ESU LokSound Full Throttle and JMRI


From JMRI users Yahoo Group, Thu May 25, 2017

Posted by: Dave Heap 

The latest test version of JMRI will work fine with FT projects.

FT with JMRI
- No new features needed to be added to JMRI to enable programming diesel FT projects.

- A couple of Logical Functions on the Function Map were repurposed by ESU for steam projects (Heavy Load and Coast), as well as some new features on the Sound pane. I added these features to JMRI V4.7.1. They are not available in the latest JMRI production version (V4.6).

- For how to program FT projects with JMRI or Lokprogrammer, refer to the accompanying "FT Cheat Sheet", as well as the ESU Bulletin for the project.

- Drive Hold for an FT project is Sound Slot 2. It is not a separate logical function This is the same for both LokProgrammer and JMRI.

- The same apples to all the other FT features, Coast, Run 8, Independent Brake and the improved Dynamic Brake. They are all cleverly coded sound slots that can interact with the coding in Sound Slot 1.

- ESU does not make sound slot names available to be read via CV, so JMRI cannot read sound slot names from a decoder. LokProgrammer can read sound slot names from a V4 decoder but not a Select decoder. (Function Labels are not even stored in the decoder.)

- Neither LokProgrammer or JMRI can determine definitively whether a given decoder has a FT project installed and which sound slots the features are loaded into.

FT Cheat Sheet
If you have loaded an ESU-provided FT project into your decoder:

- Drive Hold is loaded into Sound Slot 2.
- To use it, assign both Sound Slot 2 and the existing "Disable Brake Sound" Logical Function to an F key of your choice (default is F9).*

- Dynamic Brake is loaded into Sound Slot 6.
- To use it, assign both Sound Slot 6 and the existing "Dynamic Bake" and "Shift Mode" Logical Functions to an F key of your choice (default is F4).

- Independent Brake is loaded into Sound Slot 11.
- To use it, assign Sound Slot 11 to an F key of your choice (default is F10).

- Run 8 is loaded into Sound Slot 20.
- To use it, assign Sound Slot 20 to an F key of your choice (by default it is unassigned).

- Coast is loaded into Sound Slot 21.
- To use it, assign Sound Slot 21 to an F key of your choice (by default it is unassigned).

* You may like to try mapping Drive Hold to "F9, not F10" (or the equivalent F keys of your choice). That allows you to slow the loco somewhat with Independent Brake even when Drive Hold is engaged and automatically resume Drive Hold at the new, slower speed when the brake is released.

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ESU Full Throttle Quick Start Guide

Here is a copy of the of Quick Start Guide that is available for download from the ESU website.

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