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SBS4DCC - ESU 53900 LokTester

Decoder Test Module Add-On Kit for 58821 58921

Last Updated 220710
SBS4DCC - ESU 53900 LokTester Decoder Test Module Add-On Kit for 58821 58921
Have you been struggling to find an easy way to connect the new ESU sound decoders to LokProgrammer or LokTester?

I used test clips for a minute but they are clumsy and slow and i have to program lots of decoders.

If this is you too, I offer the SBS4DCC - ESU 53900 LokTester Decoder Test Module Add-On Kit for 58821 58921.

The product is designed to make quick work of decoder programming and testing.

It is design specifically for the following models:

  • ESU 58821 LokSound 5 Direct NMRA DCC Sound Decoder - AT-Style Adapter Board

  • ESU 58921 LokSound 5 Direct NMRA DCC Sound Decoder - AT-Style Adapter Board w/ Integrated PowerPack

I offer this product and information for the benefit of the model railroad DCC community.  This is an advanced product and project and is generally not something the average user would want or need.  It is a tremendously valuable tool for installers and retailers who have to program a lot of this type of decoder.  It is also a fun project and some modelers will use enough of this type decoder to justify the need.

About The Kit

The kit includes:

1x Base
1x Top Weight Box
25x POGO Pins

Weights and wire are required but not included.  I also recommend a standard DCC interface connector like NEM658 PLuX22 or NEM660 21MTC type.

CLICK HERE to shop for DCC interface connectors.

CLICK HERE to shop for test clips.

CLICK HERE to shop for weight products.

CLICK HERE to shop for wire products.

About The Pins

The real magic of the test module is nifty little component called a Spring Loaded Contact available from most electronic component supply stores.

This board was developed specifically for use with Mill-Max Part Number 0923-1-15-20-75-14-11-0.

The miniature "POGO" pins are used frequently in commercial and industrial applications for, among other things, building circuit board programming fixtures.

DIY File Download

Yes the kit from SBS4DCC is a bit pricey.  Those are my costs to offer it.

Many folks now have their own 3D printers or want to source the parts themselves so here are print-ready STL files. 

Please don't ask me for more than this...  Have fun!

Basic Assembly Instructions

These instructions are not meant to be explicit or thorough but merely a guide for how to get started.

This is an advanced product and project and some research and effort is required by the modeler.

Step 1 - research the decoder manuals to identify the pad locations for the necessary connections:

  •  Track Left
  •  Track Right
  •  Motor +
  •  Motor -
  •  Speaker A
  •  Speaker B

PRO TIP - all of the information required to complete the project can be found in the pages of the SBS4DCC Tutorial Tips and Tricks resource

Step 2 - drill pin holes in board (.070-.072)

Step 3 - insert pins in board

Step 4 - solder wires to base of pin in series for each common pad (e.g. 58721 Track Left to 58741 Track Left and so forth)

Step 5 - solder wires to DCC Interface Connector of choice

PRO TIP - you can also semi-permanently connect the Decoder Test Module to the LokTester using the on-board screw terminal block connector

Step 6 - fill Top Weight Box with heavy material

PRO TIP - Use very heavy material to get good continuity between the POGO pins and the decoder pads

PRO TIP - I used a cool product called woods metal that melts at a very low temperature to fill my weight box


You can purchase a set today from my online store


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