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Aux 3-4 Logic Level Function Amplifier Board


Have you ever wished you could turn those logic function on your ESU or Zimo decoder into useable function outputs?

Have you ever needed one more function to finish a project and added a second decoder or compromised on the lights or control?

Your problems are solved!


Streamlined Backshop Services is now offering our Aux 3-4 Logic Level Function Amplifier Board for sale.

Now you turn that four-function LokSound into a six-funtion decoder and light up your loco like a christmas tree.


The Aux 3-4 Logic Level Function Amplifier Board offers a clean way to convert the logic outputs provided on DCC decoders made by ESU, Zimo and others into useable, function outputs.


  • Small footprint fits in a narrow-hood N scale diesel
  • Labeled solder pads for quick installation
  • Spare common connection (Blue)




  • 10mm x 10mm x 2.6mm
  • (2) 500mA Function Outputs
  • Pre-wired with 32ga High Flex 7-strand copper wire


NOTE:  This product will only work with a decoder that has logic-level outputs and requires board-level soldering to connect it to the host decoder.  Additional board-level soldering is required to connect LEDs or other devices to this product.

NOTE:  This product should not be used with the LokSound 73700 Select Direct or the 73700-1 Select Direct Adapter Board.  The adapter board is fitted with transistors to amplify AUX 3 and AUX4 of the LokSound Micro decoders.

NOTE:  This product cannot be used with all versions of the LokSound 54400, 54499, 73400, 73600, 73900 and other variants of the model.  

There are some versions of these decoders that have six traditional "amplified" function outputs and some that have four traditional "amplified" function outputs and two logic level outputs.  

Please refer to my page on the 21MTC Connector for more information about identifying and amplifying Logic Level outputs.

Installation Instructions
Aux 3-4 Function Board connected to a LokSound v4.0 Micro Decoder


Installation of the Aux 3-4 Board is a breeze.

First, trim back the shrink wrap on the decoder to expose the Auxilliary Function pads and connect the A3I pad and A4I wires to the Aux 3 and Aux 4 pads on the decoder, connect the blue wire from the decoder to the BLU pad on the Aux 3-4 Board, and connect the black TRK wire to the GND pad on the decoder.


Then, connect the BLU, A3O and A4O pads to your LEDs or bulbs the same as you would any other function output from the decoder using a dropping resistor as required for the circuit you are installing.

Finally, map the function outputs and program the function effects as desired to take advantage of this low-cost solution for extra functions.

Imagine.  Now you outfit your Metra F40PH with a Forward Headlight, Reverse Headlight, Alternating Flashing Ditch Lights, a Mars Light and a Strobe Light with a single decoder.  And have sound too!!! 

Please note.  This

Be sure to visit the store to get your Aux 3-4 Board today!

Sample Installation of the SBS4DCC Aux 3-4 Function Board on a LokSound v4.0 Micro host decoder

SBS4DCC Aux 3-4 Function Board In Action
N Scale Kato F40PH with an ESU LokSound Select Micro DCC Decoder with a CT Elektronik "Sugar Cube" Speaker and lots of LED Lighting controlled by six functions made possible with a SBS4DCC Aux 3-4 Function Board. 

Application Examples

Connect A3I and A4I to AUX1 and AUX2 respectively to turn a 2-function LokPilot Micro into a 4-function decoder.
Connect A3I and A4I to AUX3 and AUX4 respectively to turn a 4-function LokSound Micro into a 6-function decoder.
Connect A3I and A4I to FO3 and F04 (SUSI Clock and Data) respectively to turn a 4-function Zimo MX620 or MX646 into a 6-function decoder.
NOTE: Refer to the Zimo documentation to set the proper CVs to use the SUSI outputs as Logic Level outputs.

Demonstration of the Aux 3-4 Function Board