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Tsunami Dynamic Brakes


The Dynamic Brakes (DB) in Econami and Tsunami have great prototypical features that affect how the prime mover (PM) is run.  

For example, do you press the brake pedal and the gas at the same time in your car?  

The PM on a non-dynamic brake-equipped loco would drop to idle and stay until commanded to notch back up by the engineer. 


So let’s do this in the decoder.  

We’ll use the Econami CVs for our example. 


To start, set the volume of the DB to 0.  

This is controlled by CV133, so set CV133 to 0. 


Next, address the PM control, or CV114.  

This is set to 39 by default which is 7 (For auto notch 7 speed steps) + 32 (for auto start when track power is applied).  

For the prime mover to drop to idle, we’ll refer to the exhaust control section (page 28-29) of the User’s Guide and see that we will add 64 to drop the PM to idle during DB application for a total of 103.  

Now run the loco and press F4 and listen to how the engine notches down, but without the fan sounds.  

This can be done on all Tsunami decoders as well using CV116.  

This loco is now ready to prototypically consist with other Dynamic Brake equipped locos.

Originally published January 15, 2016 in Issue 30 of the SoundBits Customer Newsletter for SoundTraxx and Blackstone Models.
Issue 31 | April 13, 2016


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