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Rule 24. Indicator Lights

The following rules for the use of Marker and Rear End Lights are taken from the rule book titled Consolidated Code of Operating Rules - Revised 1959 to take effect December 1, 1959.

Rule 24.
Trains may be identified by indicators displayed on the engine when so equipped, which must have the train number or engine number properly displayed.  When train number is required, train must not leave its initial station without the train number being properly displayed in the indicators.

When number of train is changed, indicators must be changed to correspond.  Before making such change, movement of other trains must be safeguarded.

When an engine is cut out of a train, train munber must be removed promptly from indicators.

Indicators will be displayed in the manner illustrated:

2 No. 2
1-2 First 2
X162 Extra 162
X7007A Extra 7007A
7050B Engine Number
2551 Engine Number
E47 Engine Number

Rule 24 (A).
Helper engine, when used on head end of train, must display train number in indicators where required, but unless otherwise provided, train number must not be displayed until helper engine has been coupled to train.

Exception: In CTC ot Rule 251 territory, a helper engine moving over only part of a subdivision will display its engine number instead of train number in indicators.

When helper engine is not on head end of train, or is moving light to of from helping a train, the engine number only will be displayed in its indicators.
Rule 24 (B).
When an engine consists of more than one unit and the train number is not used in indicators, the number of one unit only will be illuminated at all times when in service, and will be the identifying number.  When practicable the number of the leading unit must be used.  The numbers of the other units must not be illuminated.