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Current Keeper Installation

Last Updated 170722

By now many folks have discovered the value of adding a keep-alive device like the Soundtraxx 810140 Tsunami Current Keeper to you locomotive fleet.

I like to think of these devices as big Band-Aids for poor electrical continuity or a UPS Battery Backup System for a personal computer.

The product simply hides the imperfections in our track and wiring.  They should never be a substitute for proper locomotive maintenance or track cleaning.

Having said that, I cannot deny their usefulness and strongly recommend their implementation in any install where they will fit.


Products like the Soundtraxx 810140 Tsunami Current Keeper can all but eliminate this problem.

This page is offered to provide the correct points for connecting the Soundtraxx 810140 Tsunami Current Keeper to Soundtraxx decoders and Blackstone locomotives.

NOTE: All diagrams on this page are found in the supporting product literature or provide courtesy of SoundTraxx Technical Support.

The Disclaimer
The Soundtraxx 810140 Tsunami Current Keeper can be used with any brand of decoder if connected properly.

Connecting a Soundtraxx 810140 Tsunami Current Keeper may involve removing the protective shrink wrap from the decoder which may void the Manufacturers warranty.

Connecting a Soundtraxx 810140 Tsunami Current Keeper may involve soldering directly to components on the decoder which may damage or compromise the decoder if not done properly.

CV29 Recommendation

Some users are reporting they are not getting the expected keep-alive effect when using the CurrentKeeper with thier SoundTraxx decoder.

Per SoundTraxx Tech Support, please ensure that analog mode (DC) is DISABLED when connecting to the CurrentKeeper.

APS (bit 2) must be set to 0 in order to deactivate an alternate power mode.

It is not necessary to program CV 12 (Power Source Conversion) to deactivate an alternate power mode.

Here is a link to a handy CV29 calculator to determine the proper value for your model.

Note CV29 is a universal CV defined by the NMRA DCC Spec 9.2.2 DCC Configuration Variables.

This means this calculator can be used to determine the proper value of CV29 for any decoder from any manufacturer who claims their products are DCC compatible.
Connection Diagrams
The SoundTraxx 810140 Tsunami Current Keeper has a two-wire harness that extends from one end.  

The harness connects to the Current Keeper using a 2-pin JST connector.  The opposite end also has a 2-pin JST connector for easy connection to the new SoundTraxx 819100 SoundCar Sound Decoder.

Remove this connector if you will have to solder these wires directly to the mating decoder.

In all instances, the blue wire from the Current Keeper will connect to the DC Positive, usually the blue wire on any decoder, and the black wire will connect to the Ground or DC Negative.


Blackstone Models K-27 2-8-2
Connect Blue to either +V In and Black to either GND.
Blackstone Models C-19 2-8-0

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